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Names of the Months on God's Calendar

Month No. 1 = Abib or Aviv (Ex.13:4,23:15,34:18 and Deut.16:1),
                        (Nisan = Babylonian name, mentioned in Nehemiah 2:1, Esther 3:7)
Month No. 2 = Zif (Kings 6:1, 37; see note Month No. 8), [Iyar = Babylonian name]
Month No. 3 = Sivan (Esther 8:9)
Month No. 4 = Fourth Month  (Tammuz = pagan name, should not be used, call it or "Fourth Month" or "Month No. 4")
Month No. 5 = Fifth Month  (Ab or Av = not used in the Bible.  Use "Fifth Month").  Tenth day temple destroyed.
Month No. 6 = Elul (Nehemiah 6:15)
Month No. 7 = Ethanim (1 Kings 8:2) (Tishri = Babylonian name)
Month No. 8 = Bul (1 Kings 6:38) (Cheshvan = Babylonian name) [1 Kings 6:37 mentions Zif for the second month.]
Month No. 9 = Chisleu or Chislev, Kiclev or Kislav or Kisleu or Kislev (Zechariah 7:1, Nehemiah 1:1)
Month No. 10 = Tebeth (Esther 2:16) or Tevet.
Month No. 11 = Sebat, Sebet, ShebatShevat (Zechariah 1:7) Sh'vet.
Month No. 12 = Adar (Ezra 6:15, Ester 3:7,13; 8:12; 9:1,15,17,19,21)    (Normally 29 days - has 30 when it's Adar I)
Month No. 13 = Adar II (Adar II is added in the 3rd, 6th, 8th, 11th, 14th, 17th and 19th years of the cycle).
                          (The next "extended" year will be 6th year of current 19-year  cycle beginning in the Spring of 2021 to 2022.)
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