The day's News & Prophecy
via World Watch .TV
The day's News & Prophecy
via World Watch .TV
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In this 18-Dec-2018 Tuesday-night edition are video clips of the following news stories:

  • Cloud of smoke covers Toluca, Mexico, after warehouse fire
  • On board the 'eye in the sky' (AWACS) watching Syria
  • Belgium's PM Charles Michel submits resignation amid migration row
  • 1 Timothy 2:1-2 Pray for all in authority
  • Genesis 11:9 - God set peoples languages and borders
  • Psalm 74:17 - God sets all borders on the earth
  • President Trump will likely not shut down US government
  • Yemen war - Ceasefire takes effect in Hudaydah after skirmishes
  • Jeremiah 6:14 - mock healing - peace, peace but there is no peace
  • Five Things to Watch This Week - All eyes on Russia
  • Zimbabwe army used 'unjustifiable' force in post-election clashes

Program number -- WW-SLG1156
This program is designed to help you perform parts a & b of Luke 21:36 so you might receive the promises in
parts c.& d
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