Friday-Night Bible Study
Eve of Sabbath
via Sabbath .TV
Friday-Night Bible Study
Eve of Sabbath
via Sabbath .TV
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The live streams of this service are provided for those called to the Spring Harvest.

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A Summary of the
24-Aug-2018 Friday-Night Bible Study
from Sabbath.TV is as follows:

In tonight's Live Stream of the Friday Night Bible Study on 24-Aug-2018, you can hear the audio recording of God's End-Time apostle speaking during a 1956 FOT on why no one should be saying they are a member of a denomination -- including the denominating name ''Radio Church of God.'' Then your host explains how Mr. Armstrong said later in the early 1980's how the same principles he had stated in 1956 applied to the 1968 corporate denomination name-modification such that no one other than a Board of Director should ever say that he was a member of the ''Worldwide Church of God.''  He also explained what we should say instead -- and how this applies to those who consider themselves members of any of the various ''this'' or ''that'' church of god groups -- numbering now in the multiple hundreds.  Hosted by Stephen Lloyd Gilbreath.

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