"Night-Cast" World News Watch (on Demand)
"Night-Cast" World News Watch (on Demand)
In this 20131120 edition, video clips of the following:

  • Indonesia volcano - Mount Sinabung spews ash
  • Archive - Giant South Dakota hailstone breaks US record
  • Iran nuclear talks resume in Geneva
  • Why Iran Has No Right of Enrichment - Dore Gold (former Israeli
     ambassador to the UN)
  • Sinai bomb kills 11 Egyptian troops
  • US Navy debuts the P-8A Poseidon at the Dubai Air Show
  • Why is Dubai such an important hub for defence deals?
  • Five ways people survive in post-typhoon Tacloban
  • Philippines Typhoon Haiyan - Business as usual in Tacloban City
  • Greenpeace Arctic protest - Russia bails captain and Britons

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A work for the Church of God scattered abroad now. Both the Sabbath Services and the NightCast news related to the Bible & Prophecy program are for those who are being led by God's Holy Spirit and who are still ''watching'' daily.  This Work is for those who desire to marry Jesus Christ at His return and to help Him preach (and teach) and reign from His Throne on this earth in The World Tomorrw.