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Click on this photo to watch the video of a live performance of the big dance band that will play for the Church Spring Dance
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Yes, I would like to Dance!
& Fellowship at the 2022
Church of God Spring Dance!*
*Non-denominational Sabbath-keepers event
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Purchase an early-bird ticket before 31-Jan-2022 at a big discount (only $15 single or $20 per couple; $40 family w/kids. You need to enter in the discount code of "2021" (without the quotes)
before the end of 31-January-2022 to receive the biggest discount on the prices.  Otherwise, you'll be paying $10 more without the discount code.

Dance date and time is 20-April-2022 
6:30-to-8:30 PM

Dinner (optional) time will be from 5:30-to-6:30 PM
(Requires additional ticket --
prices for dinner to be determined 
and provided soon)

((($100 will be the General Admission price after
all early-bird purchase periods expirte.))).
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