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Studio Lower-Third Title Shot
In WireCast Assign a Long Shot to F5 and F5 from here should be able to trigger it
Go to Black -- Set F6 in WireCast to Fade to Black and F6 from here should be able to trigger F6 in WireCast on Computer 2
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SLOW-DOWN the Media (Sound stays ON)
Forward - Run Video Normally in Forward Direction
Reverse - Run Video Normally in Backwards Direction
You'll find explanations
of this emulation Demo*
in colored type in the Playlist that opens on the next page.
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Video Mixer -- or something useful for F7 -- maybe Play Audio in above Audio Player 2
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20110928_Germany's Angela Merkel ..
France Protests AAA Credit Rating Loss
20110928_Newest Euro Jet Threat_Sti
20110923_Excerpt from UN Address of
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