"Night-Cast" World News Watch (on Demand)
"Night-Cast" World News Watch (on Demand)
In this 20150312 Thursday-night edition, video clips of the following:

  • Two police officers shot in Ferguson during protest
  • Ferguson police shooting - 'There was blood on the ground'
  • By God's Grace Alive - Hard Hit Ferguson police - Two officers shot
  • Deuteronomy 21:18 Stubborn Rebellious Son - Not Obey
  • Deuteronomy 21:21 All the Men of City Shall Stone Him to Death
  • Ferguson - Eye-witnesses say Brown did not have his hands up
  • 'US-wide search' for new police chief
  • France wins Waterloo coin battle as Belgium drops design
  • Iceland drops EU membership bid
  • Islamic State conflict - Iraqi forces 'push into Tikrit'
  • Nemtsov's daughter 'My father fought with Putin, nobody else'
  • Boris Nemtsov murder - Suspect claim 'tortured for confession'
  • History of the euro - Next time on Night-Cast.TV
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