"Night-Cast" World News Watch (on Demand)
"Night-Cast" World News Watch (on Demand)
In this 20130701 edition, video clips of the following:  

  • Lightning strike starts wildfires after US gay-marriage ruling
  • Arizona fast-moving wildfires kills 19 US firefighters
  • Arizona fire department 'devastated' by deaths
  • US heat wave: Dozens succumb to heat in western US  
  • Egypt -- 'People were not expecting this'
  • Egypt protesters send message to Morsi
  • Egypt protesters storm Muslim Brotherhood headquarters
  • French and German fury over claims US bugged EU offices
  • European 'Shock and dismay' over US bugging claims
  • Kerry Spying 'not unusual' in international relations
  • European Commission VP Neelie Kroes Spying 'not acceptable at all'

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A work for the Church of God scattered abroad now. Both the Sabbath Services and the NightCast news related to the Bible & Prophecy program are for those who are being led by God's Holy Spirit and who are still ''watching'' daily.  This Work is for those who desire to marry Jesus Christ at His return and to help Him preach (and teach) and reign from His Throne on this earth in The World Tomorrw.