"Night-Cast" World News Watch (on Demand)
"Night-Cast" World News Watch (on Demand)
In this 20130505 edition, video clips of the following:  

  • Israel attack targets 'advanced weapons' to Hezbollah in Lebannon
  • Israeli strikes on Syria 'totally unreal', says witness
  • Syria warns Israel over 'aggression' after airstrike
  • ITVN Syria warns alleged Israeli strike 'opens up all options'
  • ITVN Israel does not respond to attack reports on weapons to Hezbollah in Syria
  • Twister wreaks trail of destruction in northern Italy
  • Weather assists California wildfires effort
  • Salvaging a German bomber (Dornier 17)
  • Portugal to cut 30,000 civil service jobs
  • Solar plane lands in Phoenix on first leg of US journey
  • ITVN China offers to host Netanyahu and Abbas at Beijing meeting

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